We invite you to partner with City Arts by supporting our exciting and innovative programs. As the District’s only college-preparatory public charter school that integrates academic instruction with performing arts programs, City Arts is primarily funded through the DC Public Schools, which covers the basic costs of operation our school community. What it doesn’t cover, however, is our vibrant arts programs, cutting-edge technology such as smartboards, science labs, and robotics, and other essential activities to enrich our students’ learning environment.

Your support is an investment in the success of City Arts students in high school, college, and career. Here are a variety of ways you can help:

$250 provides arts supplies for 10 City Arts students to engage daily in dance, music, theatre, and visual arts.
$500 helps 20 students participate in master classes and attend performances presented by nationally and internationally renowned artists.
$1,000 supports independent learning centers for 40 students, which embrace diverse learning styles through low teacher-student ratios, independent reading blocks, multi-disciplinary learning, and academic coaching by highly trained teachers.
$2,500 helps 50 students in the City Arts Forward Extended Care program build character and leadership skills, confidence, and self-esteem through mentoring and community service.
$5,000 strengthens the learning environment for 100 students in classrooms where we teach analytical skills and critical thinking essential for success in school, college, and the 21st century workforce.
Please visit City Arts on Network for Good, where you can make a secure online donation in any amount or contact our office. To make a donation by check, please send your contribution to City Arts + Prep Public Charter School at 705 Edgewood Street NE, Washington, DC 20017.
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